Decorative panels

Alted Materials has manufactured its first collection, Alted H01, a series of decorative panels for the interior made entirely with HONEXT® boards.

Alted H01

At the core of the Alted H01 collection are Honext® boards, circular and fully recyclable boards transformed by Alted Materials. The collection expresses the integration of circularity and aesthetics.

Looking for a decorative panel to enhance your interior design?

Introducing the new Alted H01 collection! With three distinct patterns and five diverse colors, it’s easier than ever to design an interior space that showcases your personal style.

Alted H01 - Interior decorative panels made with HONEXT® boards

Alted Materials

Alted aims to accelerate the integration of new materials into the construction market , by transforming them into ready-to-install architectural products that prioritize both aesthetics and functionality, while adhering to the principles of the Circular Economy.

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