Non-toxic and resin-free fibreboards. A healthy solution for safer interiors.


No added formaldehyde nor VOCs. HONEXT® is Material Health Silver Certified.

HONEXT® Benefits

100% Recyclable
Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified
Material Health Silver Certified

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No added formaldehyde nor other volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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It has greater sound absorption properties than traditional fibreboards.

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Flexible and lighter than traditional fibreboards.

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Resistant to moisure and water vapors in indoor conditions.

It provides better thermal insulation than other materials with similar applications.

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Current reaction to fire is class C-s1,d0.

Traditional processing. It can be cut, drilled, routed, laminated and coated using standard equipment.

Find out how to work with HONEXT® boards for interior wall-cladding.

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