Arquitectural Dialogues with Estudio DIIR

Estudio DIIR is an architecture firm based in Madrid, founded in 2018 and with great international projection that seeks uniqueness in its works through rigor and innovation.

Their work involves projects at different scales, from restaurants, shops, libraries to public buildings and residential complexes and in all of them, Estudio DIIR incorporates the essential aspects of the present such as the social, cultural and environmental issues of our time.

We have interviewed the architects as this is their second project using HONEXT® as interior cladding for retail—following the Neutrale Project—with the REDCAST. Our objective is to understand their vision as architects and the importance of integrating sustainable and circular materials in architectural projects.

What do you think is the role of architects and designers in promoting environmental responsibility, and how does HONEXT material contribute to this vision?

As a young studio, we believe that our role as architects must be relevant in this matter, but we must remember that we are not the only agents involved in this process.

Sustainability is a concept that must be addressed from infinite perspectives and, therefore, awareness must be shared. It is absolutely necessary to be up-to-date with technology and new materials to promote environmental responsibility and to focus on sustainability throughout the construction process.

We understand sustainability as synonymous with commitment and common sense. And that common sense translates into aspects that characterize our architecture: (1) knowledge of local technique, (2) the use of local resources and (3) the introduction of technological advances.

In that sense, we use HONEXT not only as a responsible and innovative solution, but also as a bet. We think that the best way to promote environmental responsibility should be through actions.

For this reason, we are very much in favor of betting on materials like HONEXT that aspire to transform the sector towards a construction that is much more committed to the environment.

Can you share any notable projects that HONEXT has been successfully integrated into, and what were the key benefits experienced?

In our case, it is the second time that we choose HONEXT in our creations. We did it for the first time in 2021, in one of our first stores. The flagship store in Madrid, through which Neutrale gained recognition, used HONEXT boards for interior applications.

From the first moment, we were interested in the philosophy and values that the brand promotes. The chance to collaborate emerged, given that Neutrale is a fashion brand aligne with similar sustainability values.

Furthermore, its aesthetic proposal fit perfectly with the approach of the project. In this case, the HONEXT material covers the entire elevation of the store, acting as a backdrop. Its neutral tones never compete with clothing, and in turn, they provide the packaging space by offering a very interesting alternative to the blank wall.

How do you approach the balance between aesthetic design preferences and sustainable considerations when developing a project?

In our conception of design, balance is fundamental. Today, the market offers technical solutions with sustainable considerations. However, in many cases, it is still difficult to provide the same value at aesthetics as at an environmental level.

That’s one of the reasons we trust HONEXT. Firstly, for its sustainable proposal, and secondly, for its aesthetic quality. And not only the material itself, but everything that surrounds it, from the manufacturing process to the communication of its values.

How can architects and designers influence broader changes in the industry towards more sustainable practices through material choices?

We must be aware that much of the change process is in our hands and only through a high dose of commitment we will achieve tangible changes.

For this, it is not enough to promote sustainability through words. We need take action and, in many cases, this have a risk component associated.

It is evident that new solutions will not have the same approval as more conventional ones, but only through that commitment, we will be able to fight for a better world.

It is also essential that sustainable practice does not become a luxury item. It must be accessible to everyone. Otherwise, it will be difficult to aspire to the common good.

About Estudio DIIR

Estudio DIIR is an architecture firm founded in 2018 by David Meana, Ignacio Navarro, Iñigo Palazón, and Ricardo Fernández. Four young architects who combine their talents and demonstrate that youth, innovation, rigor, and social responsibility are key aspects in a unique design style that deserves numerous awards and recognitions To learn more about their practice we invite you to visit their website: estudiodiir


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