Zero Waste and the shift to circular construction

zero waste

The European Commission has just released a report on the techno-economic and environmental assessment of construction and demolition waste management in the European Union. The report reviews and analyses data on the generation, composition, and management of CDW at the EU level, representing approximately 40% of all waste generated in the EU. It also conducts […]

Designing for health and wellness

The built environment has a direct impact on our health and well-being. We spend more than 90% of our time in our workplaces and homes, and we know that factors such as indoor air quality can affect our health. According to GBCe and ISGlobal, more than half of the air a person breathes in their […]

Maiburg is our new partner in The Netherland

We are very excited about our new alliance with Maiburg, our partner in The Netherlands. Maiburg is a family-owned company that has been working since 1886 to help professionals advance, offering the best solutions for the development of the interior construction sector. Currently, they are a team of passionate, innovative, and highly experienced individuals who […]

Join us at Material District Utrech

We are thrilled to participate in MaterialDistrict Utrecht (6-8 March)  with our partner Maiburg, and introduce HONEXT® Boards : Cradle to Cradle Certified® GOLD and Material Health 4.0 GOLD, a real Circular solution for interior use  This edition promises ,once again, to be brimming with material inspiration , with 150 manufacturers, start-ups, and designers participation. […]

Architectural Dialogues with ANDTONIC STUDIO S.L.

Exploring the Vision Behind the Award-Winning Stand at FITUR We had the privilege of speaking with Alvaro Rey, CEO of Andtonic Studio, and Mariano Tomás, architect and member of the creative team behind the remarkable stand honored with the Best Stand Award at FITUR this year. Generously they shared the captivating story behind the project, from its […]

WORKSHOP: Healthy Materials for the design of Healthy Spaces

Join us in a workshop organized by MATCOAM next Friday 19th, focused on «Healthy Materials for the design of Healthy Spaces». We are pleased to announce that Eduard Mondejar, our technical sales specialist, will be one of the keynote speakers at this session. He will provide insight into the unique properties and technical characteristics that […]

Arquitectural Dialogues with Estudio DIIR

Estudio DIIR is an architecture firm based in Madrid, founded in 2018 and with great international projection that seeks uniqueness in its works through rigor and innovation. Their work involves projects at different scales, from restaurants, shops, libraries to public buildings and residential complexes and in all of them, Estudio DIIR incorporates the essential aspects […]

Architectural Dialogues with Studioshaw

In a recent interview, Harry Thomson discussed Studioshaw’s distinctive design approach, highlighting their commitment to sustainable practices. An illustrative example was the recent use of HONEXT® Board in the refurbishment project of the Soho Townhouses, showcasing how the studio seamlessly integrates innovative solutions into their initiatives. Harry Thomson, is Studioshaw Director since 2019, he joined the […]

JOIN US: Positive impact of the circular economy in the construction industry

This week, we invite you to join us at an event organized by the UPC-Construcía Group at the ESEIAAT on November 29th, coinciding with the presentation of the final master’s projects of the UPC – Grupo Construcía, «Positive Impact of the Circular Economy in the Construction Industry.» Pol Merino, CEO of HONEXT®, will be participating […]


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