As we are committed to ensuring accountability and transparency, and we use third party certification to verify our environmental impact.

Circular by design

HONEXT material uses industrial residual fibres from papermaking and cardboard as raw material, and transforms that for new use.

Through our resin-free biotech process, waste is upcycled into boards for interior construction. Both production scraps and boards that reached their end of life, can be fed back into production for a new HONEXT generation products.

That way the material is designed to never become waste again, Cradle to Cradle Certified®️ GOLD, the world’s most ambitious standard for making and verifying products that enable a desirable future for all.

Circular construction with Honext

What is circularity?

At Honext, we want to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. Circularity can be seen as a measure of how circular a product is; from its design and production, all through its whole life time until the end it’s end when the materials can be used as “nutritients” for a new lifecycle, just like in nature.

As such, we prefer to talk about circularity as a solution to known sustainability issues such as climate change and environmental degradation, like biodiversity loss and pollution of life sustaining sources such as air, water and soil.

Circularity is at the center of the HONEXT® Process, and we particularly champion these benefits of circular construction:

  • Reduce dependence on new and virgin natural resources.
  • Reducing waste, seeing it as something valuable.
  • Abilty to be used again, and again.
  • By designing:

-the process and the product to extract the maximum value from the resources used in the most effective way.

-to be used for longer time, being safe and healthy for humans and the planet at every stage.

-for a solution to recover and regenerate the maximum possible value from the material and products at the end of their useful life.


of the world’s extracted materials is estimated to derive from the built environment.


of the global energy-related emissions is estimated to come from the built environment


of the waste generated globally comes from the construction sector

Thanks to using 100% waste as raw material, the HONEXT® Boards are not only Circular by design, they are also carbon-negative, making them a truly sustainable alternative for the built environment.

Carbon-negative boards

circular construction
circular construction

We use the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to measure and verify our environmental impact.

By using paper sludge, OCC (old, corrugated cardboard), and other industrial fibers as our raw materials in our HONEXT®️ Process, we avoid the use of virgin materials, which helps prevent new resource extraction which significantly reduces carbon emissions.

In addition, our IP protected manufacturing process uses only bio-gas, which further avoids carbon-emission associated with production.

The result of our manufacturing approach is a carbon-negative product (LCA Module A1-A4), as verified in our Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Circular materials
for the built

One core condition to be in place for a circular system to achieve the net-zero transition is to increase the supply of, and access to, “circular materials”.

Circular materials are defined as “pre-used, low or/ zero-carbon, recyclable, or recycled”. And even in this category, “Re-using and recovering materials should always be the priority in order to minimize waste and overall demand for new materials”.*

*Quote Source: World Economic Forum, COP27, 2 Nov. 2022

Our sustainability approach

“We want our partners, users and fans to feel as confident as we do about the sustainability benefits of the HONEXT® boards.

True to our values and the vision behind HONEXT, to protect the planet by finding a way to upcycle industrial waste into something valuable and useful, we use third party certification to validate the functional and environmental features of our products.

We want to allow our customers to make their choices based on transparent and reliable information on the sustainability, durability and carbon footprint of the products, as we strongly believe that market transparency is a tool facilitating uptake of technologically and environmentally superior products, in line with the EU Green Claim Directive.”

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