Honext featured in Wood Based Panels International magazine

Honext has been featured in Wood Based Panels International magazine, a renowned publication in the global panel industry. In the magazine’s April/May 2023 issue, our groundbreaking and sustainable approach to upcycling waste into recyclable boards, certified circular by design, takes center stage in the Panels Perspective section.

Being recognized in Wood Based Panels International is a major milestone for Honext as it is a trusted reference title for the panel industry.

The article, written by Geoff Rhodes, a respected specialist in wood panel products, highlights the key role played by the circular economy in driving sustainable development within building materials. It also presents how the HONEXT® Process upcycles industrial fibre waste into non-toxic, carbon-negative, and fully recyclable boards for interior use.

We invite you to learn more about our journey towards sustainability through innovation and technology in this the article.




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