HONEXT® is a Barcelona-based company that manufactures non-toxic, recyclable boards by upcycling industrial fibres into a healthy and sustainable building material.

Innovation manufacturing in Honext®


We are a team of professionals with expertise in many fields: engineering, material science, architecture, construction, manufacturing operations and finance.


It started with a vision to protect the planet and a challenge of how residue from papermaking, considered useless and polluting, could be upgraded into something useful and valuable. Thanks to a team of experts finding a groundbreaking solution in bio-science, the original vision is today coming alive through the unique HONEXT® process.

Innovation manufacturing transforming waste fibres
Innovation manufacturing in Barcelona factory


Honext is a Barcelona-based company with an IP protected, certified circular process that upcycles industrial fibres into non-toxic, and recyclable boards. Through established distribution channels, Honext offers a truly sustainable solution for the built environment.

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