‘What the future holds?’ A look at HONEXT®’s impact by WBPI

In the WBPI article, renowned British forest products and woody supply chain expert Geoff Rhodes explores how HONEXT® provides a real sustainable alternative to traditional wood-based panels. Proclaiming the HONEXT® Panel as the next-generation fibreboard, Rhodes builds on his extensive industry expertise to examine how HONEXT® can help tackle the global pulp and paper waste problem. All while revolutionising the architecture and design worlds much like MDF did in its day — yet in a sustainable manner.

“If the MDF story and its incredible dynamic evolution is a comparative and a point of reference of what can happen over time in the panels sector internationally, then the future could look extremely exciting for this ‘new kid on the block’.”

You can now read the article on page 35 of the WBPI (Wood Based Panels International), and in the page 36 of the TTJ (Timber Trades Journal).




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