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Healthy environments

A new era for architects and designers is here. Enter Honext: the sustainable and healthy alternative to traditional partitioning and cladding materials.

Case Studies

Honext boards have a wide range of construction and design applications. What to do with them is entirely in your hands. You can find inspiration in these recent projects.

Construcía + Hermanos Gómez

Torre d’Ara Coworking

Circular economy pioneer Construcía chose Honext to design a healthy co-working space at the seaside building of Torre d’Ara. Raw Honext boards were treated with renewably-sourced varnish and used as internal cladding and furniture finish, creating an office environment that promotes the user’s well-being while ensuring full recyclability. Honext was also used for the construction of phone booths, leveraging the boards’ superior sound absorption capabilities when compared to materials with similar applications.

Xavier Torrent + Intervento + Flisx

Más que abejas

Honext partnered with museography expert Intervento to create the information panels for More than bees, a Barcelona Botanical Garden temporary exhibit highlighting the essential role of insect pollinators. Honext boards were painted, varnished and digitally printed on to resemble honeycomb-like structures, being later bound together using wooden slats and fine nails. All treatments applied are eco-friendly and can be easily broken down to allow for the complete reusability of the material once the exhibit is over, in line with sustainability efforts to preserve wild bee populations.

More info: Intervento, Flisx.