Pol Merino Appointed as the new CEO of Honext Material S.L.

The Board of Honext Material is pleased to announce the appointment of Pol Merino as the new CEO of Honext Material S.L.

Paul Clegg, will step down as CEO but will remain on the Board of Directors of the company. He will also continue his executive advisory role with the company.

Under Paul Clegg’s leadership, Honext has embarked on an exciting journey, commercializing its unique intellectual property into a viable industrial solution: upcycling paper industry waste fibres to create a circular solution for the built environment.

The company has established robust intellectual property protection for the HONEXT® Product and Process by developing and certifying the HONEXT® Board to exceed environmental and industrial health standards. This is highlighted by the Cradle to Cradle Certificate® GOLD and the carbon-negative verification of the HONEXT® Board. 

"The future for Honext is very exciting," says Paul. "As it scales up its industrial solution and evolves into a larger industrial company, it offers a unique solution to one of the most pressing issues we face today: creating a genuine circular solution for the problem of industrial fibre waste. Pol Merino is well-prepared to lead the company, leveraging his role in developing the groundbreaking industrial solution over the past few years to transform it into a global solution."

Pol Merino is equally enthusiastic about his new role: 

"I am extremely excited to lead the Honext team. Together with our resolute and passionate colleagues and our supportive shareholders, I am committed to guiding our company toward a future marked by growth, innovation, and sustained success as we work towards a circular economy in construction. I am also grateful for the continued support and expertise I receive from both Pere Merino and Paul Clegg."

About Honext

Honext Material S.L. is a Barcelona-based company with an IP protected, certified circular process using upcycled waste fibres to manufacture carbon-negative, non-toxic and recyclable boards for the built environment. 




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