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Any questions? Browse our answers to the most frequently asked questions about HONEXT®.

How can I become a HONEXT® distributor, investor, partner?

Collaborating is how we create value. Get in touch with our team to explore how we can work together to build a better tomorrow, today.

Can I transform my waste fibre into HONEXT®? How can I build a HONEXT® site?

We are currently looking for partners in the paper manufacturing and waste management sectors to build a globally distributed network of HONEXT® manufacturing plants that transform paper waste right where it is produced.

Please let us know if you would like to be part of this new future.

How can I request a HONEXT® sample?

You can request a sample kit by filling out our contact form.

In what projects has HONEXT® already been used?

To get a better sense of what our collaborators have been building with HONEXT®, you can visit our collection of case studies and the testimonials in our blog.

What can HONEXT® panels be used for?

HONEXT® boards have a wide range of construction and design applications for interior built environments. The material’s many potential uses include panels for decorative uses, wall and ceiling applications, as well as acoustic and furniture products.

You can get ideas for specific applications by exploring our previous collaborations.