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Any questions? Browse our answers to the most frequently asked questions about HONEXT®.

How can I become a HONEXT® distributor, investor, partner?

Collaborating is how we create value. Get in touch with our team to explore how we can work together to build a better tomorrow, today.

I have a problem with my HONEXT® boards. What should I do?

Contact our team for any questions related with your HONEXT® boards or orders. We are here to help.

Does HONEXT® provide help during the installation and processing of the material?

The HONEXT® team will answer all your questions during the installation and processing of the panels, sharing best practices and troubleshooting when needed.

You can also download a copy of our Processing and Handling Manual for detailed instructions on how to work with HONEXT® boards.

Can HONEXT® work on custom solutions for my projects?

Based on the volume of your order, HONEXT® team can work with you from inception to implementation to deliver a custom-built solution that responds to your needs. For smaller and architecture projects, we are unable to offer custom-built panels, but our team will guide you throughout the process with the best ways to use HONEXT®.

Get in touch and let’s start discussing how we can help you.

Can I choose the exact visual appearance of my HONEXT® boards?

No. Each HONEXT® board is slightly different and has a visually unique surface depending on the particular mix of waste used to produce it.

What is the usual lead time for HONEXT® boards?

HONEXT® boards have a lead time of 4 to 6 weeks depending on the volume of your order and the current demand.

Are HONEXT® boards expensive?

As a specialty product, HONEXT® has a competitive priced tag given the advantages it provides over similar sustainable materials (fully circular, with no added emissions and with excellent properties).

You can contact our team to request a price list.

Where can I buy HONEXT®?

At this moment, you can purchase HONEXT® boards by contacting our distributors:

How can I request a HONEXT® sample?

You can request a sample kit by filling out our contact form.