Spanish Companies Driving Sustainable Development: Insights from the Sixth SDGs Report

ESADE and «la Caixa» Foundation joined forces with the SDGs Observatory to host a significant event highlighting the contributions of Spanish companies to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This event marked the completion of the sixth report, «Impulsar la sostenibilidad en un entorno de policrisis» (Driving Sustainability in a Multicrisis Environment).

The collaborative report focused on crucial obstacles and the fulfillment of Agenda 2030. During the event, Pol Merino, the Managing Director & Co-founder of HONEXT®, emphasized the pivotal role played by companies like Honext in creating positive change.

Merino highlighted the importance of technology transfer and acknowledged the challenges companies face when integrating impact design.

Merino expressed, «Technology transfer is vital. We have collaborators who are aligned with sustainability and circular economy principles from the beginning, providing us with valuable insights and practical recommendations regarding our material and certifications. We believe that this collaboration helps us continuously improve our processes and achieve our sustainability goals.» – Pol Merino (Honext Material)

The sixth report is the outcome of collaboration between academia, foundations, and the private sector. This alliance brings together diverse perspectives, resources, and expertise, enabling effective solutions to sustainability challenges.

Through collaboration and a shared vision, we can actively contribute to Agenda 2030 and address critical challenges.

The complete report, available in Spanish, offers valuable insights into the strategies and contributions of Spanish companies as they pursue the SDGs. Together, we can forge a more sustainable and inclusive world for future generations. Download the report to discover more about the remarkable efforts and strategies outlined within it.




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