A new approach to furniture design that values circularity.

Sustainable furniture with Honext
Sustainable furniture with Honext


A lighter, innovative fibreboard that can be processed with standard equipment.

HONEXT® Features

Certified circular by design,
it can be recycled after use.

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Low-emissions, certified for material health, safe for humans and the planet.

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Flame-retardant and non-toxic, with no formaldehyde nor VOCs added.

Can be cut, glued, drilled, laminated, and texturised.

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Sound absorbent.

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Lightweight and flexible for complex design work.

Breathable, regulates indoor humidity.

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Low thermal conductivity.

Find out how to process HONEXT® boards for sustainable furniture applications.

Sustainable furniture with Honext

A truly sustainable alternative. Be part of the change.

Sustainable furniture with Honext

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