Architectural Dialogues with ANDTONIC STUDIO S.L.

Exploring the Vision Behind the Award-Winning Stand at FITUR

We had the privilege of speaking with Alvaro Rey, CEO of Andtonic Studio, and Mariano Tomás, architect and member of the creative team behind the remarkable stand honored with the Best Stand Award at FITUR this year. Generously they shared the captivating story behind the project, from its inception to its remarkable success.

What inspired the design of your stand at FITUR?

We were inspired by the captivating landscapes of La Pedriza, with its magnificent rocks draped in lush vegetation. Despite deviating from the typical fair imagery, the natural treasures became the emblem of distinction of our stand.

How did you come up with unique ideas to stand out at this major tourism fair?

Every stand at the fair was seen as competition, and we aimed to make ours to be noticed. Since most stands at FITUR had screens and tech, we chose to remove these elements from ours. While many others used metal structures or trusses, creating complex spaces that might have been hard to understand at first, we went a different way. We used Honext, as a natural fibreboard, which symbolized a return to nature, capturing the essence of our vision.

Why did you choose Honext for your design, and how does it enhance the stand experience?

Materials play a crucial role in our projects, and we carefully choose ones that align with our values of innovation and authenticity. Honext stands out as an innovative material that not only meets these criteria but also enhances our constructions with sustainability and modernity. Its seamless integration into our designs adds aesthetic value while demonstrating our commitment to responsible and sustainable practices. By selecting Honext, we aim to contribute to progress and environmental consciousness in our projects.

How do you think your creative design helped you win? Was there something specific about your design that caught the judges’ attention?

We intentionally avoided conventional strategies like flashy screens or interactive displays. Instead, we emphasized architectural and structural elements. Our aim was to confidently differentiate ourselves and create a stand that truly stood out among others at the fair by incorporating innovative materials and employing a unique approach to stand design, resonating deeply with the audience.

Can you guide us through the ideation process for this project?

The journey from conception to realization was a collaborative effort. While the initial sketch set the tone, meticulous planning ensured a seamless transition from vision to reality. This culminated in the swift execution of our bold design within a record timeframe.

In such a competitive market as the one for exhibition stand design, how do you stay innovative and at the forefront?

Although stand design isn’t our main focus, having completed only around 4 or 5 projects in the past 15 years, I believe this limited experience gives us a unique perspective. Leveraging our work with companies like Netflix and HBO, designing architectures for outdoor spaces and events, we bring fresh insights to trade fairs.

I firmly believe that innovation flourishes when one isn’t deeply entrenched in a field. This mindset allows us to approach challenges from a new angle, introducing original ideas and solutions that set us apart in the industry.


Andtonic Studio is a versatile collective. 

«We’re not sure if we’re an advertising agency, a design studio, or a media lab. Sometimes we feel like a sawmill, and other times like a strategic consultancy. We haven’t been able to explain clearly to our mothers or the lady at the tax office what we do. We feel much more comfortable with words like studio, creativity, innovation, boutique. We’re more engineers than advertisers, and more doers than thinkers. Maybe we could have started a music band, but we’re more into grease. We’re a mix between a marketing department, a carpentry workshop, and a production team. We create and build experiences that help brands tell their stories by connecting with their audiences in unexpected ways.»

Among their clients are brands like Netflix, Comunidad de Madrid, Mahou-San Miguel, HBO, Telefónica, Warner, SONY, El Corte Inglés, and Porco Bravo.

To learn more about their practice we invite you to visit their website: Andtonic Studio S.L.

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