Expert View on HONEXT® Boards: James Latham’s Insights in SpecFinish Magazine

We have some exciting news to share! Stuart Devoil, Group Head of Marketing at James Latham, our distributors in the UK, has shared his valuable insights about our innovative product: the Honext® Boards Honext has gained significant recognition through its recent feature in SpecFinish Magazine, which focuses on new, innovative, and game-changing materials. What makes […]

HONEXT® To Take Part in London Design Festival 2021

Built entirely with HONEXT® panels, the New Contracts exhibit will host a selection of works by MA Design Products graduates from the Royal College of Art (RCA). Against a backdrop of an increasingly unstable political and economic landscape, the event explores different ways in which we might draw up new contracts with the world around us. In […]

How Construcía used HONEXT® to improve Wallbox’s office acoustics.

How did you use HONEXT® for this project? We turned to HONEXT® to build acoustic islands that improved the acoustics of Wallbox’s offices, achieving healthy sound absorption with zero emissions and a look and feel that contributes to a pleasant work environment.  What made you consider HONEXT® for building these acoustic islands?  Following our proprietary […]


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