Interior Contracting & Design Spec features Honext in latest issue

Honext was featured in the latest Interior Contracting and Design Spec, a well-known online resource for the contract interiors sector in the UK, under the National Association of Shopfitters section.

The July 2023 issue highlights how the HONEXT® Boards blur the lines between traditional boards, offering a versatile and sustainable alternative with excellent acoustic, thermal, and moisture-resistant properties.

The article emphasizes the environmental benefits of the boards, particularly focusing on the HONEXT® Process. This process involves upcycling industrial fibre waste into non-toxic, carbon-negative, and fully recyclable boards specifically designed for interior use.

«From an environmental standpoint, it truly is game-changing; 100% waste raw material, Cradle to Cradle Silver certified, Carbon Negative manufacture, zero toxins or VOCs, it’s the perfect sustainable construction panel.»

As a result, the HONEXT® boards not only meet rigorous quality standards but also demonstrate outstanding mechanical properties, making them ideal for different applications for interior use.

We invite you to read the article and discover more about the properties and benefits of the HONEXT® Boards.




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