Technology for sustainable cities, at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2023

Karlijn Rademakers, Head of Manufacturing and Engineering Operations, will be part of the panel of experts presenting our innovative, IP-protected HONEXT® Process during the Smart City Expo World Congress 2023.

The HONEXT® Process, upcycles industrial fibre waste into non-toxic, fully recyclable, carbon-negative boards for interior use, all without the use of resins or added VOCs, ensuring the safety and health of both people and the planet.

Join us on Wednesday, November 8th, at 12:35 pm at the UPC booth in Hall 2, Floor 0, Booth D36. 

Honext will be part of the group of speakers hosted by UPC and the UPC Technology Center (CIT UPC) at the Smart City Expo World Congress, where we will showcase pioneering solutions and technologies aimed at improving urban life and promoting a more sustainable future for cities.

Discover the story of Honext and the innovation behind the HONEXT® Boards, a certified circular by design and carbon-negative solution for creating more sustainable cities.

For more information about the session ‘Shaping the Urban Future: UPC Solutions for Greener, Sustainable, Inclusive, and Digital Cities’, click the link below.




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