AZALEA incorporates HONEXT for the cladding of its sustainable housing “Escalà”.

Azalea UPV is a multidisciplinary team of 40 students from 15 different degrees that together with researchers, institutions, companies and neighbours work to develop solutions for cities, especially in Valencia (Spain) where the research and development group originates from. Their goal is innovation in the field of housing, creating projects that will be a reference for […]

How Construcía Turned to HONEXT® to Improve Wallbox’s Office Acoustics

How did you use HONEXT® for this project? We turned to HONEXT® to build acoustic islands that improved the acoustics of Wallbox’s offices, achieving healthy sound absorption with zero emissions and a look and feel that contributes to a pleasant work environment.  What made you consider HONEXT® for building these acoustic islands?  Following our proprietary […]